What blues great would you want to see if you could go back in time?

There are too many to name, and, of course, I can only answer for myself.  I would love to have seen Robert Johnson, Skip James and Son House among others from the early times.  Moving to Chicago blues, I'd give my eyeteeth (btw, what are eyeteeth anyway?) to watch Muddy, Otis Rush, Magic Sam, and, as a harp player, Little and Big Walter, Sonny Boy II, James Cotton, Paul Butterfield and Alan Wilson.  But, if I had to limit my choice to two musicians, they would be Howlin' Wolf and Big Mama Thorton.  Both were larger than life and the essence (for me) of bluesy.

Here is Wolf doing "Evil"  -

And Big Mama with "Ball and Chain" (no offense to Janis Joplin's great cover, but this is it!)

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