Fattening Frogs For Snakes - Sonny Boy Williamson II

For me, Sonny Boy II was a bluesy as it gets. Playing and singing behind the beat, he could really make you feel his pain.  With songs like "Nine Below Zero" (" nine below zero, the little girl done put me down, she know I don't have nowhere to stay, and I don't have one single dime"), "My Younger Days" and "Fattening Frogs For Snakes, " this bluesman saw, did, and heard it all.  Born in 1912 (died 1965), he played with many of the most prominent blues musicians from Big Joe Williams, Robert Lockwood Jr., Elmore James and Robert Johnson in the 30s, to many of the Chicago set in the late forties through the mid sixties.  In the early sixties he toured Europe as a part of the American Folk Blues Festivals, basking in the emulation of crowds who were crazy for the blues, and the adoration of British musicians who fell in love with the genre.  And while he may not have thought much of the early efforts of those bands - he is quoted as saying, "those British boys want to play the blues real bad, and they do" (Wikipedia) - he appreciated not being ignored as he and other bluesmen were in America. 

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