Big Bill Broonzy - A blues pioneer 

Here is one of his best known songs (although it may not be known as his). Also, Rob, Rich and Will performing another one of his great tunes "I'm Going to Move to the Outskirts of Town."

A legendary, larger than life figure, Big Bill copyrighted 300 plus songs in his career.  Born Lee Conly Bradley in 1893 or 1898 or 1903 (records are fuzzy), he was either a twin or had a sister who was four years older.  His first instrument was a fiddle, but he switched to guitar after moving from Little Rock to Chicago in 1920.  Broonzy's early influences were spirituals, ragtime, hokum, work songs and country blues. He merged all of these genres along with styles of contemporaries "such as Jimmie Rodgers, Son House, Blind Blake and Blind Lemon Jefferson to create his own style of blues which foreshadowed post war Chicago blues, later refined and popularized by such artists as Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon." (Wikipedia).









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