Are five fingers enough?

Well, not for Hound Dog "Six Finger" Taylor.  With six fingers on his left hand, he played as dirty sounding bottleneck style guitar as anyone before or after.  Born Theodore Roosevelt Taylor in 1915, his first instrument was the piano, but at age 20 he began playing the guitar.  He moved to Chicago in 1942 and worked as a part-time musician until 1957 when he decided to become a full-time bluesman.  He also changed his style at this time from standard tunings to a bottleneck style heavily influenced by the emergence of Elmore James.  Always a ladies man, he reportedly was given the nickname "Hound Dog" one night as he chased several women around a club.  Known for their raucous style, his band, The Houserockers consisting of Taylor on guitar, Ted Harvey on drums and Brewer Phillips on bass, often sounded like a much bigger group.  Tayor was able to get distortion like no one else, in part due to his cheap amps and guitars. There were some who looked at him as a one-trick pony, but in truth he was a gifted guitarist.  (Wikipedia)

Perhaps his most famous quote was:"When I die, they'll say 'he couldn't play shit, but he sure made it sound good!".... (Keno's website)

Sure sounds good to me - here is "See Me in the Evening," the Dog at his raunchiest.


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