A King Among Kings

Freddie King, aka "The Texas Cannonball," was one of the most influential blues guitarists.  Often referred to as "one of the three kings" along with Albert King and B. B. King, Freddie inspired many blues and rock guitarists, notably Eric Clapton, with powerful vocals and unique guitar style.  He had many hit singles including several that we perform like "Have You Ever Loved A Woman," "San-Ho-Zay, and "Tore Down." Freddie's unique guitar style combined both the raw, open string sound of theTexas blues he had learned growing up and the raw, screaming tones of West Side Chicago blues.  This combination gave him a more contemporary sound than many Chicago blues bands than other blues players in the 60s, and he passed this on to a younger generation of musician coming into the scene (Wikipedia).  He is one of our favorites and truly a giant and king of the blues.  Here is one of his signature hits, "Hideaway."


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