Our Story

So who (or what) is/was Moe Ribbs? Well, Moe was a bluesman who grew up (we think) in the Delta. The story is he could play any instrument and sing so the hair would stand up on your neck. All that while wolfing down a plate of greasy ribs washed down with moonshine. He lit out for Chicago when the sun finally shined in his backdoor one day. It wasn't an easy journey as he had to avoid crawling king snakes and black cat bones. Of course, he had his mojo working and was a real hootchie-cootchie man, so he finally made it to the north. The stories he would tell or sing about red roosters and milk-cows, king bees and such, sometimes, I would think he had just had a bit too much champagne and reefer, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we are trying to honor the tradition that bluesmen and women, both real and imagined, have carried on for so long. We hope when you come to hear us play you appreciate not just our songs, but the men and women who came before us and created so much heart-felt music. We are honored to play their music.

And who are we? Well,
for starters, the band consists of five musicians. First, we have our drummer, Jack Hammer. Rumored to be related to the late, great Jim Bagby, a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians in the '20s, Jack can certainly bring the heat. In the words of Moe himself, "that boy sure knows his way around a drumstick,... and I don't mean chicken!" Then there is Wade "Baby Otis Rush" Hickam. Wade is well known to blues fans in the area, having been lead guitar for the Night Train Blues Band for over ten years. Wade plays blues in the style of his guitar hero, Otis Rush, and coaxes a soulful sound out of his amp. Our  bass player and singer,, Bear Drury , hits all the high and low notes as he takes your emotions for a ride, all the while keeping a rock solid rhythm on bass. He and Jack together create a powerful pocket for the rest of us to play in. Nick Nicholas on guitar and vocals is another veteran Seattle blues man with a powerful vocal style and tasty guitar licks that make you want to get up off your seat . And me, well I am Little Richie Greenberg. Actually I am not that small, but Medium Sized Richard sounded pretty lame. I've been playing harp since the 70s, although back then the only thing that saved my marriage were some lessons from a friend who played harp in a band. Been working at it ever since, and now with the help of some the areas great harp players - Jeff Mason, Steve Bailey and Brian Lee - I think I can add a bluesy flavor to our mix.

Our band is playing around the sound this summer at various venues and we are eager to see our current fans and create many more.  We always strive to present a great show and to bring the flavor of Chicago blues home to the Puget Sound.  For more information, hit us up on the "Contact" page.